Work Night Play are artists and researchers doing participatory work while on residencies within organisations. We devise reflexive programmes of events, lectures, performances and workshops for the community at work in the organisation. We spend time getting to know the organisation through informal discussion, care and attention.

Play We think through making, so during our time with you we will be making artworks that respond to the nature and action of the agency, from writing texts to making sculpture. Understanding the shifting imperatives of creative and symbolic work in high performance organisations, we become sensitised to the dynamics of the space we are participating in.

Study We draw on a network of collaborators from sustainable design research, sound arts, contemporary art, critical theory and radical publishing platforms to contribute to a rich programme curated for the cultural space of the organisation. This constitutes regenerative space away from briefs, coming to new forms of knowing and communality. 

Conviviality Night Play is also a way to extend the conviviality of the organisation, to open up its expertise in meaningful ways. Where appropriate we invite participants from education and community groups, to engage in the ecology of the organisation and its unique context and environment.